Frequently Asked Questions

About Octa/General

Octa is a mobile app and web platform that helps you save and invest smartly. With Octa you get up to 13% interest on your savings. Octa helps you save or invest towards a goal or target.
To begin saving or investing, download and sign up on the app or our website, add your card, create a savings or fund your investment account and you’re good to go.
After adding your card, click “+ start savings” on the dashboard or menu tab, provide the required information. You can also view the tour guide to see steps for each action. You can also use the “create a plan” feature. This feature allows for automatic debit on your set mandate.
You don’t need any document. You only need the app.
Octa is a smart solution that helps you invest your money and simultaneously save the earned returns on your investment. With Octa, you earn above bank interest rate on both savings and investments. You also enjoy a smart and convenient approach to savings and investments.
Using the app is completely free. However, you will be debited N50 when you add your card. This is used needed to validate your card as a security check. Thereafter there are no other charges; SMS, maintenance fee, or the sort – zero charge!

Savings and Interest

You don’t need millions to start saving. With Octa, save amounts you’re comfortable with and will help you meet your goals.
You earn up to 13% as interest on your regular savings
Interest is calculated and paid into your wallet monthly.
Yes, you can. You can create different savings for different goals and even give each one a unique name for easy recall.
We do not have a lock feature yet. We believe you should have the ability to oversee your funds and have access to it whenever and wherever you want.
Yes, you can! All you have to do is swipe left on the savings target and press “stop”
That is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that the longer you save, the more you earn. It is best to roll-over funds to enjoy compound interest.
Quick save is a feature that allows you set aside bulk money you don’t want to spend. Quick save funds reflect in your ‘Total Savings’ but is not part of your autosave goals.


There is currently no investment for now. Kindly check back soon

Wallet and Withdrawal

Octa wallet is where all your interest is paid into. It is also where you can spend money from. When you withdraw from your savings it goes into your Octa wallet and from there you can send money to anyone.
There is no charge for using the wallet. Neither can you fund it.
Upon tenor maturity, click on the send money option, provide the needed information, then provide your security question and click send money.
This is for security and compliance purposes to meet CBN’s standard KYC process. Your information is needed for compliance and security purposes.
This is used for account validation and is part of Octa’s KYC process.
We are deeply sorry about that, kindly get in touch with our customer care line to sort this out.


Your money is very safe. All funds are housed by Page International Financial Services Limited, a registered and licensed retail financial service provider in Nigeria.
Page International Financial Services is the holding company of Octa. Page International Financial Services is a licensed financial institution in Nigeria, so Octa is fully covered and regulated.
Yes, your card details are very safe, we work with Remita to process all payments.
You can change this. Sign into your account, visit the profile section and update or change your security question and answer.
This is a standard CBN KYC requirement. We do this to verify that the Octa customer is the rightful owner of the card and accounts. That way fraud cannot be committed. Your BVN does not give access to your account. If in doubt, kindly confirm with you bank before proceeding.

My Octa Account Management

Kindly close the app and reopen at after two minutes.
Click the Octa icon on your device again and it will reopen.
Click the reset password link and follow the steps.
We will try to deduct from your source account twice. If deduction is not possible, it would be left alone. Regular deductions continue at the next cycle. You can use the Quick save option to cover up when funds become available.

Other questions?

We can be reached via our contact us page. We look forward to delighting you.